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Field Access Policy
  1. The Field Operations Coordinator will approve all visits to the field including those for fluorescence calibration activity.

  2. All trips will be planned in advance by the Field Operations Coordinator, the access crew and Science Operations Coordinator (as appropriate) to ensure that each trip is efficient in time and distance.

  3. Each crew that visits the field must have a first aid kit, a radio with spare battery, cell phone with emergency phone numbers, gps, flashlight with spare batteries and drinking water in large quantity. Warm clothing is essential even in summer. A shovel and wooden boards should be taken in case the vehicle gets stuck.

  4. Before and after each trip to the field an entry must be made in the Site Access Log.

  5. Each crew visiting the field requires a designated backup person with a radio and cell phone.

  6. If it has been raining heavily, the Field Operations Coordinator must obtain explicit permission from the Site Manager to make an access. If it starts to rain and or during an access the field crew should return the possibility of getting stuck or damaging the environment.

  7. If lightning is present stay clear of the tanks especially those with tall masts and return.

  8. Access should not be attempted if the winds are (or are expected to be) steadily in excess of 60 km/h in the field. If the wind starts to blow steadily in excess of 60 km/h during an access the crew must return from the field. Most parts of the tanks are not serviceable in strong winds. (Dust can enter the tank and the solar panels cannot be safely rotated to access the electronics). Under windy conditions park the truck into the wind to avoid having the wind catch and damage the truck doors.

  9. All requests of the landowners such as driving very slowly near the potato fields must be absolutely respected.

  10. To increase safety and reduce wear and damage to vehicles and roads, not-to-exceed speeds will be observed in the field. On main access roads such as Boratav Road the maximum speed will be 60 km/h or less as conditions dictate. Off the main roads speeds of 40 km/h or less will be observed. Green vegetation usually indicates a higher water table. Stay clear of these places to avoid getting stuck. Walking from a safe place is an option. Cows and horses can be easily hidden by cortaderas and move into the road unexpectedly. Be careful when driving around animals, especially horses that are easily frightened and sometimes run toward the truck rather than away.

Any Auger experimenter who will fully fails to abide by this policy, particularly as regard to operating vehicles, may be denied access to field or permission to operate vehicles at the discretion of the Field Operations Coordinator or Site Manager

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