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Field Operations Coordinator

Xavier Bertou

In Xavier's absence Gualberto Avila or someone appointed by Gualberto.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Authorize all trips to the field for detector deployment, detector maintenance and FD calibration activities in accordance with field access and safety policy.

  2. Participate in planning all detector related trips to the field including those for fluorescence detector activities.

  3. Organize field access trips at the request of SD, SDE and FD task leaders.

  4. Organize and coordinate field access crews consisting of staff and experimenters. Names and schedules of experimenters for field crews will be supplied by task leaders.

  5. Maintain a library of surface detector documentation and procedures for use in detector deployment and maintenance.

  6. Maintain equipment check lists for field access.

  7. Ensure adequate supplies of safety equipment required for field access.

  8. Maintain the site access log.

  9. The Site Manager will provide Field Operations Coordinator will have access to radio cabinet and access keys as appropriate.

  10. The Field Operations Coordinator shall defer to the Site Manager if any conflict arises regarding personnel safety, safe operation of observatory equipment, protection of the environment and access to observatory infrastructure.

The Site Manager and Field Operations Coordinator are authorized to deny access to experimenters that willfully violate Auger Observatory access and safely policy.

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